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Avetix Antivirus Free, is a best solution for protecting from all types of threats: Virus, Worm, Adware, Dropper
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13 May 2015

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As the computing landscape evolves with every passing day, the need to protect our systems is today even more acute than ever. Hardly a week goes by when we do not find the news of a hacking attack or a computer virus wrecking havoc at some place or the other. While major corporations are obviously a favorite target of hackers, individual PC users too remain vulnerable to them. From phishing attacks that can compromise your bank account to spyware which can affect your privacy, the range of threats rallied against you is varied and potent. Thus it is imperative for you to ensure your PC is protected by a powerful security tool like the Avetix Antivirus Free 3.2.5 application, which incidentally you can download without spending a dime.

On launch the Avetix Antivirus Free 3.2.5 application sports an elegantly designed interface with major options placed in neat boxes. The application is equipped with the power to protect you from viruses that come through emails and can even trace out Trojans that typically way more difficult to detect. It offers you several security profiles to employ based on your threat perception. Further it provides you with a secure environment for browsing the internet. It can even trace out any malicious programs that piggy back on USB drives that you happen to connect with your system. Moving on the tool can dig out even the most persistent root kits and is equally effective against a range of spyware. One of the best parts about using this application is its intelligent performance which avoids hogging your system resources.

As a security tool, the Avetix Antivirus Free 3.2.5 application can stand on its own against its more fancied rivals. We mark the application with an appreciable score of four rating stars for its rich feature set and sleek user interface.

Publisher's description

Avetix Antivirus Free ensures comprehensive protection of your PC, by intercepting all threats, such as viruses, worms, spyware and trojans. It also uses Anti-Adware technology to prevent unexpected and annoying advertising pages opening on your browser.
Thanks to its preventive action, Avetix also ensures the removal of viruses before they appear on your computer, by checking suspicious files before they are opened and monitoring Internet and e-mail links that may be harmful to your PC.
Avetix is an antivirus software that can guarantee total and constant protection during your normal daily computer activities. In the event of a probable threat, Avetix notifies you immediately and guides you through a range of actions. It automatically detects any risk to your computer and always notifies you while you are using the your computer. Its activity does not affect the efficiency of your operating system or slow down normal computer processes in any way, ensuring optimum performance.
Avetix Antivirus Free
Avetix Antivirus Free
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